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Currently we have three locations were we are offering our retreat style Yoga Teacher Trainings: Eco Yoga Asrama Sacred valley Cusco-Peru, and Cali-Colombia (Yogendra Asrama).

Accommodations in the Eco Yoga Asrama 
Our Ecological Yoga Asrama is located at the beginning of the Sacred valley, one hour from Cusco and near San Salvador.
Our ecological center is built with natural adobe houses. Students stay in comfortable shared rooms and bathrooms with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.
We also have a beautiful octagonal meditation center and Yoga Shala on the banks of the Vilcanota River. We have conserved the ecology of the land as all the rooms and social areas have solar energy.
The cell phone reception that is available in the area is with a "Bitel" sim card. We provide two hours of internet daily during the yoga courses.
The cost for all of your meals (tree gourmet "farm to table" vegetarian meals per day with vegan and gluten free options) and housing for the 20 days at our Eco Yoga Asrama in Peru and Yogendra Ashram in Cali, Colombia is $500 us dollars. This includes the night before the beginning of the course. If you'd like to stay before or after the Teacher Training, the daily fee, including meals, is $20 us dollars. There is also the option to stay as a volunteer for $12 us dollars per day with five hours of service in the asrama. If you want to stay.

Items to bring: Yoga mat (or rent a yoga mat for 20 dollars for the whole course), flashlight, towel, watch (not from cell), personal toiletries, snacks, sunscreen, notebook, games to share during free time, a good jacket, pants and socks for the night.

HOW TO ARRIVE: From the airport: You can either take a taxi to the bus station for around 10-15 soles ($3-$5usd) approx. 15mins, or go straight to the farm 50-60 soles ($20usd), approx. 1 hour. Our Eco Yoga Retreat Center is strategically located in the Sacred Valley of Cusco on the shores of the Vilcanota River, one hour south of Cusco by Bus (just pass the village of Vicho). If you are in Cusco, take a taxi to the bus station in Wuayna Capac street #133, to find a bus (combi) that goes to San Salvador. Get off the bus 2 minutes after passing the village of Vicho and 5 minutes before San Salvador (around 60 min. from Cusco). Ask the driver to let you off at the Eco Yoga stop. The bus costs 3 soles. (Please do not come without confirmation of your arrival) Advice: Please do not come to the farm after 5pm since it might be
dark and difficult to locate the farm.

Be prepared for an intense daily yoga practice engaging all physical, mental and spiritual levels.
It is not a good idea to go to Machu Picchu, participate in shamanic experiences, or travel to other places away from the city during the yoga training or during the days of rest. Our experiences have been that yoga students become exhausted and experience a lack of energy for the rest of the yoga class.
It is good idea to go to the Sauna or have a massage. Prices here are not expensive.
During the training we recommend following a vegetarian diet, no alcohol, or smoking.
During the course we will visit some sacred Inca sites around the city as a way to honor and respect the spiritual tradition of the Andes.
Bring your Yoga mat and a note book.We recommend coming at one to two days in advance to be able to adjust to Cusco's altitude before the course starts.




Sradavam Eco Yoga Asrama (5min. from San salvador), Sacred Valley Cuzco, Peru.
WhatsApp:+51 967-799577
Email: chaitanyand@gmail.com

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