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Chaitanya Nitai Das E-RYT 500 Peru-USA

Director of Yoga Inbound International, Yoga Inbound Cusco and Miami. Chaitanya has been in the field of yoga from a young age and has lived in asramas and monasteries in Southamerica, USA and India. He has been practicing and teaching Bhakti Yoga and Mantra meditation for many years and is initiated in the traditions of the Indian Vedic Culture by his Divine masters S. Atulananda A. and S. Guru Maharaj.
Chaitanya is certify by " Its Yoga" USA and is a E-RYT 500 hours with the Yoga Alliance. He has study with teachers like Pattabhi Jois, Larry Schultz, Dharma Mitra, Reed Taylor,and John Friend. Currently, he is the director of the Yoga Teacher Trainings program and has taught over 35 yoga teacher trainings in the last 7 years.
He has studied Vedic Astrology and is certified in India by the "AIFAS" with the title of "Jyotish Sastracharya".

   Saranagati D.D USA

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Saranagati devi dasi began studying Iyengar Yoga in 1992, and Bhakti Yoga in 1994. She later studied Asthanga and took many classes in Anusara. She served as the co-founder of the Inbound School of Yoga in Miami and Cusco, and has co-directed many teacher trainings with Yoga Inbound. She has taught Vinyasa Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Baby and Me Yoga, Kids Yoga, and Chakra Workshops in the US, Peru, and Chile. Her practice and teachings share a beautiful heart-based expression; combining the devotion of Bhakti, the strength of Asthanga, the concentration of Iyengar, the principals of Anusara. 

Saranagati is also a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), a CranioSacral Therapist, and mother of three amazing children. She founded Conscious Maternity International in 2007 and has led numerous courses in childbirth education, intuitive pregnancy, intuitive mothering, infant massage, and Doula trainings. She is currently working towards a Master's of Science in Integrative Health Promotion.Through the integration of her life, experience, and practice, and by the blessings of her spiritual teachers – Srila Atulananda Acarya Maharaj, Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaj, and Sripad Sadhu Maharaj – she hopes to serve as an inspiration on the yogic path of manifesting a deep, loving relationship with the Divine in a way that translates easily into our everyday life of infinite service.



Nicole Coate: Senior Teacher USAnik

Nicole follow the style of yoga inbound, where she blends the styles of Anusara and Asthanga yoga in a class that both builds strength and provides deep restoration.  During the past decade, Nicole has explored various healing modalities and yoga styles, which have led her to an insightful breath- and mediation-based practice.  She received her Ashtanga Yoga teacher certification under with Yoga Inbound in January 2010. Also a Reiki Master, Nicole offers energetic healing treatments from her home in Cusco´s San Blas neighborhood.




Jessica Garnello 200 RYT USA Jessica Garnello

Jessie has been a practitioner and teacher of adult and children’s yoga and meditation for almost nine years in California as well as South America. She has received certifications in Children’s yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini, and Meditation. In addition, Jessie has had the privilege of being able to study and learn from many spiritual teachers both in California and South America, who have inspired her teaching as well as her ongoing practice.
It brings her great joy to be able to share the gifts that she has been taught. Her class is an integration of pranayama, asana and meditation. However, Jessie’s main intention is to inspire people to realize their wholeness, sense of freedom and peace that is always present.  


Rachel Durlin: USA

Rachel's love of movement began at an early age when she saw her first dance performance at age 6 and begged her parents for lessons.  She then went on to study classical ballet, modern dance, jazz, and improvisation in New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore for 12 years before dancing professionally in San Francisco from 2006-2008.  Rachel began her yoga practice with the simple desire to condition the body and it has since helped her grow mentally and spiritually in ways she had never expected.  She received her Ashtanga Yoga teacher certification under Chaitanya Nitai Das in February 2009.  Her classes combine a variety of movement and asanas, with emphasis on the mind-body connection and the technical aspects of building a strong practice.  She is grateful to have the opportunity to share her practice here in Cusco and hopes that others will be able to cultivate more love for themselves, their environments, and all other living things by sharing theirs.


Ours Teachers

Atulananda Acarya and Srila Bhakti Alok Paramadvaiti Maharaj: both are diciples of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and, for over thirty years, have been working towards uplifting the consiousness of humanity. Their work includes creating spiritual communities and Yoga retreat centers, designing ecological and organic farms, publishing Vedic Literatrue, and teaching the ancient Vedic Science of Self-Realization. They currently have centers in Central, South and North America as well as in Europe and India.