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I wasn't entirely sure why I wanted to do the Inbound Yoga Teacher Training course. Id looked online intermittently for courses and when I saw the Inbound Yoga course a series of events made me feel like I was being lead to do the course, even if I wasn't sure why. 

For 3 weeks we were lead through two theory/philosophy sessions and 2 yoga classes a day by Chaitanya, Samantha and some other yogis who came to help them and us. There were 13 of us on the course, all of whom seemed lovely on day one and who by the end of the course I now call friends.    
The first yoga class was very fast and I felt very unskilled and wasn't sure how I was going to get through 3 weeks of this without burning out.  Slowly throughout the 3 weeks I also felt more and more connected with both my body and my spiritual being.  We ended the course with a fire ceremony and commitment to help others on this new path as yoga teachers.
Yoga has given me a tool to help me stay more connected to myself and feel stronger if I can find a way to practice every day. I feel like I have a lot to work through to improve my flexibility and in doing so, Im hoping that I will continue to grow emotionally. 

It's now clear to me why I was meant to do the course at this time. I feel like I definitely re-found a spiritual connection. I feel more able to surrender and trust that life will look after me. But I also feel like I will contribute more in return. I feel a new sense of gratitude for what I have and for what I can give.

Navit Schechter London - England, TT Dec. 2013

October 14th of 2013 is from now on a very significant date for me. The yoga training that I began that day and lasted three incredible weeks was more than I expected and that was the beginning of a new path in my life . I learned not only about the physical practice of yoga but everything that is around, the real meaning of YOGA; offer love and light without expecting something in return, the gratitude to the Supreme Being for everything that we have and for this beautiful universe full of energy and amazing souls, like the ones I had the opportunity and luck to meet. Every one of them gave me something awesome and huge: LOVE, I learned different things from each one and from now on they are my family, my spiritual family. I always will be grateful to my teacher Chaitanya, i treasure every word that he said and everything that he taught me in my heart. He is the most peaceful person I ever meet in my life; and of course the lovely Samantha, she was our spiritual mother with her kindness and light. The yoga training in “Yoga Inbound Cusco” is a unique experience, it is more than every other place can offer. My life is different since then, my awareness of every moment, my intentions of every day, the practice of yoga; I can see a different world now, my soul is in peace. Thank you for everything!!!...Namaste.
Olga Celis, Lima - Peru, TT Oct 2013 .



When I think about my teacher training the first thing I can say is that I got much more than I was expecting, and that considering that my expectations were pretty high. I went to the YTT expecting not only to improve my asana practice but to find ‘that something’ that existed behind the practice that had made me fall in love with yoga and in peace with myself.
I did not only find all the answers I was searching presented to me in many different ways but I also had one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I learned so much from our teachers and also from all the other people in the course that now I consider my friends and sisters. I feel so blessed and grateful for this experience and for the impact it has had on my life.
I know that there was more than one reason I and all of us were there and I wish that in this New Year more people listen to their hearts is they feel like taking this YTT. Let’s continue spreading the love and light in this New Year wherever we go. Namaste!
Andrea de la Flor, Lima-Peru TT Oct 2013


Studying with Yoga Inbound has shifted my entire perception on life and how to truly live consciously. As I continue to evolve, the fundamental changes that have occurred internally will always remain. The friends and teachers I have had the honor to learn from are now my family and are always in my heart. Not only did I advance in my practice and deeply study the essence of Ashtanga Yoga, but was also exposed to the true roots of yoga philosophy – Bhakti Yoga. Now that I have received so much wisdom from the teachers at Yoga Inbound, I feel I can really begin to live and teach in service, with a greater awareness and devotion to love. Hare Krishna! Satyabhama Devi Dasi, Toronto-Canada, TT Oct 2013

"Cusco... you could not dream of a better place to get an holistic life, and to learn more from these incredible techniques to heal our body, our mind, our soul... I got involved in the Yoga Inbound Teacher Training last September 2010. The really cool thing is that we are mixing the theory with real public classes ! Moreover, the spiritual part including learnings and readings is half of the yoga practice, and a "so so important thing" ! The Yoga and holistic community is also very strong in Cusco, so you spend your time sharing and having good times with people." By the way, its also so easy to get a healthy life, with all these street markets, selling veggies, fruits and so on. While you will get to your next Yoga class, grab a fresh juice fruits and sit on a square, to enjoy and feel the sun into you. If you do look for the "Y"oga Experience, Cusco is definitely the place to be, as far as the Masters you will meet and people are concerned.
Namaste to everyone ! Light and peace
Tom Marcilla Email: thomas.marcilly@gmail.com France


One of the best experiences of my life was spending a few months learning yoga from the amazing teachers Chaitanya and Saranagati in Cusco, Peru. Both Chaitanya and Saranagati have had many years of experience in yoga and holistic sciences and it is evident in their teachings to their students. They have learned, practiced and taught yoga in India, US and South America. They share their knowledge and experience to help students understand all aspects of yoga and yoga life. Inbound Yoga fosters growth and development for each person, encourages strength physically, spiritually and mentally and presents many different opportunities to learn about yoga and beyond. Inbound Yoga is very professional yet friendly with a beautiful centre in San Blas, Cusco and a gorgeous retreat in the Sacred Valley (near Cusco). Inbound Yoga also offers yoga teacher training which is fantastic to learn about your own yoga practice and to teach others if desired. The yoga teacher training is the best way to learn how to adjust your own asanas (poses), practice pranayama (breathing), learn about chakras and the inner you, meet some amazing people and learn from other likeminded people. I can now practice yoga and know exactly what I should be doing, how to correct myself, and how to teach a class. So, if you are ever in Cusco or Lima in Peru and you want a life changing experience, be sure to look up ‘inbound yoga’ and book yourself in for the training or a class and do yourself a favor.
Regina Lysaught
Email: regina_lysaught@hotmail.com Australia


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